I stole this reading list

In January 2013, I had babyDiva. While on maternity leave, I joined a Moms’ group, and as it turned out, one of my closest friends from that group is also a high-tech marketer.

On Facebook, she asked “Friends in tech: In the past year or so, what’s best product/marketing/start-up book you’ve read or blog you’ve been reading?”

Here are the responses, organized (sort of), with a few more of my favorites included. A few of these are mobile-specific or marketing-specific, but it’s a good selection:

Corporate blogs:
Buffer Blog
Buffer Open Blog
Hubspot Blog
Salesforce’s Blog
Moz Blog
Marketo Blog
Eloqua Blog
RaizLabs blog and podcast

Personal experience blogs:

News aggregators:
Hacker News
reddit Entrepreneur
Growth Hackers


Got any other favorites?  Comment on this post and let me know!  Boldly missing are female personal experience blogs and more technical stuff, but I’m interested in anything else that will teach me something.

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