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I’ve loved technology for as long as I can remember.

Photo on 9-8-14 at 3.33 PMMy first computer was an Atari 800 that attached to our television and played programs from either cartridges or tapes the same form factor as audio cassettes.  I learned to make a turtle walk in squares with Logo, built a Heathkit TV with my dad, and learned about circuitry with a 50-in-1 Radio Shack kit.  I had a chemistry set and a physics set.  Yes, those exist.  My Barbies drove Capsela tanks, natch.

In college, I studied math, mostly because I liked it.  My favorite topics were discrete math, mathematical logic, and theories of computation, like solvability.  After school I cut my teeth at Cambridge Computer, then moved on to Dell.

In February of 2014, I left my job at Dell, and a month later I started working at Infinio, a software company in Kendall Square, as Director of Product Marketing.

This blog is about my thoughts on being at a startup, being a marketer, being a technologist, and balancing this with a personal life.  Yup, at home I have a husband (mrDiva, also at a startup), daughter (babyDiva, born 1/13), son (miniDivo, born 5/15) and dog (Lucy, a cockapoo).

For the story of how I got started blogging and why I called my blog “The Tablespace,” start at the beginning.

Below you can see my very favorite XKCD comic ever followed by the cartoon character to whom I relate most.

Courtesy of xkcd.com

peanuts 2


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