An untapped resource for the new on-demand economy

I love the on-demand economy.  Among my favorite apps are Favor, Uber, and Amazon Prime.  I was an early adopter of the ill-fated  And I eagerly follow the market.  There’s Washio for dry cleaning, Instacart for groceries, and even VetPronto for a veterinarian!

When Amazon started to offer “same-day shipping” I was really interested to understand how they were able to offer that.  Then came Google Express and Prime Now.

If you were to set up a new on-demand economy company, what would you want?  Perhaps a network of people who knew different neighborhoods really well; small, local warehouses for products; a fleet of transportation vessels to transport people and things around; and an incentive to succeed.

You know, like the U.S. Postal Service.

It’s amazing really, how much infrastructure the government already has that could compete with or fuel this new economy.  Let’s say you wanted to start a company that delivered freshly ground coffee beans, or fresh produce.  Wouldn’t it be convenient to have local warehouses that are uniformly distributed throughout neighborhoods?

The post office is in trouble if they don’t come up with something.  Their taking over Amazon’s Sunday deliveries indicates that they’re eager for new opportunities, but I think they should be thinking bigger.


3 thoughts on “An untapped resource for the new on-demand economy

  1. Daddyo

    Congress has to remove the restrictive laws that prohibit the USPS from competing with UPS and Fedex.
    Did you know that the USPS is prohibited from negotiating rates with large volume shippers? Prohibited from advertising that their express rates are lower than UPS and Fedex?

  2. Webster Pilcher

    would be really interesting to see where the USPS revenue comes from…and how dependent they’ve become on amazon, etc. put differently, the USPS sure as hell isn’t cashing checks on little old me and my snail mail.


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