Why I think I’m giving up on my tablet

Last year, after meticulous research, and extensive hemming and hawing, I bought a tablet.  I bought a Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1″.

And I’ve kind of hated it since it arrived.

I tried to like it.  I love my phone (Nexus 5, previously a Samsung S2), and believe in Android.  I downloaded all my favorite apps, set up my background picture, and lounged on the couch, waiting for the magic.

Except I think I’m not a tablet person.

I love using my phone – shopping on Amazon, reading articles in Feedly and Pocket, and using Gmail, Facebook and Twitter.  I play some games and do a lot of reading.

But I haven’t taken to the tablet.  I don’t like not having a physical keyboard, and I find that when I am using a device the size of the tablet, I expect it to behave like a desktop.  It’s like the difficulty I had when switching from Windows to Mac (not having the right buttons or control over the right things), but an order of magnitude worse.

I knew I didn’t like the tablet from the get-go, but I figured when I was on maternity leave I’d use it a lot.  I knew that as a person I hate new things, particularly new technology, so I didn’t return it right away.  I figured I’d want a device to browse on one-handedly, while tending to miniDivo on the other hand.  Or that I’d just find it convenient.

I don’t.  I use my phone for most things, and my MacBook for writing longer missives, or if a page doesn’t work well on mobile.

I’m curious what an Android laptop would feel like – maybe that will be my next acquisition.

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