2014: My Year of Transitions

I hate change – and transitions.  And in 2014 I’ve had a boatload of them.  When I look at 20142014, I think it may be the year I learned to be more comfortable with change.  Let’s see what changed in my life this year:

In January, I left Dell after 8 years and in March I joined Infinio.  We sold one of our cars and I began commuting by MBTA.  In June, mrDiva and I jumped at the chance to buy our dream home next door to our former home, securing our ability to stay in our wonderful neighborhood.  Our summer was about renovations and moving, then mrDiva resumed his travel schedule to the West Coast while I absorbed lots of change at work as I learned how dynamic being at a startup really is.

If you don’t know me in real life (or you don’t this part of me) it’s hard to express exactly how much I hate change.  I recently got a tablet to replace my 5-year old Dell laptop and I hate it.  I don’t actually hate it, but I hate learning how to use it.  I felt like this when I got a MacBook Air for work.  You know, the world’s favorite laptop.  I just hate change.  So to change jobs, homes, and routine in one year – that is a lot for me.

And oh yeah, all the while, babyDiva went from toddling and babbling to running and speaking in full sentences, as almost-two-year-olds are wont to do.

Truly, I think it is being her mom that has contributed the most to my being comfortable with change.  Being a parent has been just a major lesson in dealing with uncertainty – not just the daily uncertainties of “will she like ziti on tuesday” and “does she want the stuffed dog in her crib tonight” but Big Uncertainties like “am I teaching her to be confident” and “will she grow up to be happy and healthy.”  You know, the things that you have no control over.

Being a parent has also been a great lesson in transitions – first off, my kid is great with transitions.  One classroom to another at school – no sweat.  New house – no sweat.  Mom travels one week, Dad the next – no sweat.  She just adjusts very well to things.  But she is also constantly changing – babbling to words to sentences seemingly overnight.  Rolling over to toddling to walking to running.  Acquiring new words at a daily clip.  New gross motor skills; new fine motor skills – it’s like coming home to a different kid every few days.

People talk about how being a parent is great for being a professional, but that’s usually about multitasking.  I was already a great multi-tasker.  Being a parent is great for my being a professional because it’s made me more comfortable with change, with uncertainty, and with transitions.

And it is a great thing to be good at transitions…..because (spoiler alert) in May of 2015, we will excitedly welcome miniDiva (or miniDivo) to our growing family.

I’m thrilled with how 2014 turned out and the positive changes for my family.  I’ve worked hard, learned a lot, taken a lot of risks, and ended up in a happier place.  I can only hope for more of the same in 2015.

Happy New Year to all.

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