Hair of the dog

Last week I posted about how a good slide about changes in the datacenter didn’t make it into a slide deck I was working on.

At the end of the post, I had evolved the slide to this, where the blue arrows indicate cause and effect for innovation, and the red arrows are indicating what is causing all the pressure on storage:








What’s really interesting to me about this is that the same things that are disrupting the datacenter and fueling all the growth in applications and virtualization are the same things that can solve the storage problem.

Call it a technical “hair of the dog” if you will – that which is causing the problem is also the solution.  Because if we take all the memory and CPU that is on the server-side (that is causing the growth in workloads that are taxing storage…) and start using those resources to process storage operations (and leverage the 10GbE networking to communicate across servers) VOILA! We have made major progress on solving storage performance issues.

[[And as an aside.  I never remember if it’s “tail of the dog” or “hair of the dog” just like I never remember if it’s “coming down the pipe” or “coming down the pike.”  Apparently it’s “hair of the dog” and “coming down the pike.” Anyway – this is the part of semi-technical blogging where you get to see my personality and learn exactly nothing technical.]]

In closing.  The best thing about technology marketing for a startup is that you are never “done.”  We’ll continue to have more opportunities to talk with prospects, press, analysts, and other members of the community.  Hopefully I can take some of this reflection and refinement and use it to better tell our story in the future.


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