Now what?

After the crazy weeks leading up to VMworld, followed by the exhilarating show itself, wondering-aaronfollowed by a long weekend off, I expected to come back to work yesterday raring to go.

But I wasn’t. I was at loose ends, attending meetings and answering emails but lacking in drive, direction.

It was as if the adrenaline and energy that had been propelling me the past several weeks was gone and nothing had taken its place. My typical instincts for how to prioritize and shape a set of projects was missing.

It’s not that I don’t know what to do; there’s plenty:
-fine-tune the messaging on the website
-write job descriptions for some new roles on the team
-update the company deck with new messaging from VMworld
-investigate our alliance programs for co-marketing opportunities
-map our content to our programs for the rest of the year and identify gaps
-create new content based on all the new things we created for VMworld

But yesterday, I had no motivation for any of it.

Let’s hope today is better.

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