What would have happened if I had live-tweeted my first hour using a standing desk

bla bla blaHere we go!   

This is cool.  Are my ergonomics right?  Maybe  knows.

Ok, I think it’s the right height.   

Googling for an article on standing deck health benefiits.

Googling for an article on standing desk productivity benefits

Googling for an article on healthcare cost reduction for standing desk

RT  So sexy! My husband on the cover of GQ shot by Patrick Demarchelier!!!  

Back to work 

. do you think we need Reebok ball for balance

I’m so short – ’s desk is the only one shorter than mine.  and  keep their desks so high

Soooo productive on my new standing desk!

It’s only been 8 minutes?  Wow – shoulders hurt a little  

OK, working on my  deck.  This is so cool to be standing.

Where’s everyone staying for ?   anyone?

Will anyone notice if I take my shoes off?

Something about a standing desk makes me feel powerful – opening a few new windows on my desktop   

So easy to see  and  and email at the same time as Word and PowerPoint when I’m standing

. back at her desk.  Wearing heels today.  How does she do  with heels?   

Should my desk be a little higher?

Should my desk be a little lower?

My back is starting to hurt   

Off to a staff meeting  

Hey tweeps, anyone use a treadmill desk?

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